About Us

Engineering the Future

We are a group of young, passionate and highly motivated Engineers

Best In Class Engineering Services (BICES) was born in August 2016 out of the need to create a high standing engineering company that could challenge or at least rival with the Multinationals operating within the Construction and Energy industries in the Cameroon and other African economy.

In recent years, Cameroon and Africa have experienced huge investments and thus boom in its tertiary sectors, especially in the energy, infrastructure, and telecommunication industries.

BICES was therefore created to take advantage of this economic boom that our country is experiencing by offering innovative engineering solutions, especially in the civil engineering sector we control every detail.

The Leadership team of BICES is made up of Seasoned Project Managers, Business Professionals and Engineers with a burning passion to contribute in the sustainable development of their economy.

At BICE, we are keen to become the pioneer Engineering Company in Cameroon that will be recognised for its excellence in offering civil engineering and energy solutions in the industries we operate in.
Our Vision

Become the best African Civil Engineering construction Company of Choice in the Continent by 2027, by offering Cost Effective, Innovative and Practical Engineering Solutions to all our valued clients.

Our Mission

To build and maximise shareholder value in a respectable manner by offering Best In Class Engineering Solutions and services to the Construction, and Energy industries. We will achieve this by:

  • Directing a fair share of our profits to Research and Development,
  • Constantly seeking innovative ways of doing business so as to ensure superior customer experience and Operational excellence.
  • Stay ahead of competition on price and product quality
  • Contribute positively to our society by responsibly carrying out our activities and returning a fair share of our profits to the communities where we take part
  • By protecting the community and environment in all spheres we operate in.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Building structures that respect and provide for healthy living in a well-aerated environment, less polluting and more nature-loving spaces for community life.

Our Values

Our Team

With Excellence being part of our Core values, our staff will spare no effort in ensuring that our clients remain satisfied all throughout our projects.

TF. Tah Kenneth


Civil engineer with adept experience both in fieldwork …

FEZEU Georges Julius

HVAC / Plumbing Consultant

Design Engineer in Industrial Engineering, holder of a Ph.D. …


Electrical and Energy Engineer

Clovis already has more than seven years of experience …

WUFEH Severain

Design and Project Coordinator

Wufeh Severain is an Experienced civil engineer …


Administrative Assistant

Cyrielle is an administrative assistant and a marketer, holder of a …

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TF. Tah Kenneth

Founder / CEO

Kenneth is a seasoned civil engineer with adept experience both in field work and managerial levels. He has a crystal jubilee of experience in the construction industry whereby, he has designed and implemented gigantic projects through the application of contemporary project management techniques and methodologies.

Prior to becoming the CEO of BICES, Kenneth worked for companies such as H-Teli, Alkan Cameroon, and TA Engineering and was one of the pioneers of staff who project-managed all their sites in his capacity as Project Manager, by overseeing the construction of over 200 Greenfield and Shared sites for their valued clients. Additionally, he carried out all VRD / Landscaping works at the reference hospital and social housing in Bafoussam.

Furthermore, he realized the over 5000m3 effluence treatment station for SUDCAM in the south region of Cameroon respectively. The above mention projects can only be rated as 40% of his career because Kenneth has realized so many private projects/homes for individuals who got a first-class taste for quality both within and abroad of the country.

Additionally, he is one of the pioneers of the Huawei Solar project in Cameroon in his days at H-Teli, and he has earned a common name as <the Pro in the energy industry>

Wearing the shoes of a CEO today, Kenneth still has that burning passion as the perfectionist he is, to give only the best to his valued clients. His excellent ability to appreciate aesthetics and quality jobs delivered speedily and nicely always tops his routine.

FEZEU Georges Julius

HVAC / Plumbing Consultant

Mr. Georges Julius FEZEU, is a Design Engineer in Industrial Engineering, holder of a Ph.D. in mechanics, specializing in mechanics of complex systems. He has a very good experience in the engineering of fluid batches. His areas of expertise mainly include:

  • the design, execution, and control of sanitary plumbing and fire protection installations in buildings and industrial sites;
  • the design, execution, and control of air conditioning, ventilation, and smoke extraction installations in buildings and industrial sites;
  • technical audits and expertise in renewable energy installations in public or private projects.
  • assembly, planning, technical-economic evaluation, and project monitoring.

Thanks to its diligence in work, strong analytical and synthesis skills, our company provides customized solutions that optimize the energy performance and comfort of your buildings.


Electrical and Energy Engineer

Clovis already has more than seven years plus of experience as an engineer in Mechanical Electricity, Plumbing (MEP) systems, and Renewable Energies. He has held the positions of design engineer, works engineer, and monitoring and evaluation engineer for the works executions. During these years of experience, Clovis has mastered all the stages of MEP projects and Renewable Energies, from project design, assembly, monitoring, and evaluation to their achievements. The mastery of prices, the assembly and the follow-up of the accounts, the mastery of the Cameroonian public market code, the preparation of the tender documents, and the technical files are also part of his daily tasks which he does with full momentum.

Clovis is skilled in the following aspects :

  • Electrical Engineering :
    High current – Low current – transformer station MV/LV – Public lighting – Photovoltaic energy – Industrial electricity.
  • Energy and hydraulic engineering :
    Centralized Air Conditioning – CTA Technology – Energy Audit – Refrigeration Processes – Plumbing for Buildings and AEP – Energy Audit.
  • Implementation of Project :
    Complete project management – Monitoring and Evaluation – Preparation of statements – preparation of technical files.
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Projects:
    Feasibility studies, Project design, and Gender approach, Data analysis.
  • Numeric Design and Simulation: PVsyst, HOMER, XL-Pro, Autocad MEP, Autofluide, Dialux.
WUFEH Severain

Design and Project Coordinator

Wufeh Severain is an Experienced civil engineer with expertise in design, structural calculations, and civil engineering. He is also quite skilled in using CAD software and project management tools. He has a Strong ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve project goals. He has always had a passion for designing and building structures that combine beauty and functionality, so he worked hard towards this academically and physically and made his passion become his reality. He further developed his skills by working on a variety of projects throughout Cameroon. He is indeed an amazing team player.

Since joining BICES in 2020, Wufeh has continued to excel in his role as Design and Project Coordinator. He has a Mastery of CAD software and he uses these skills to create accurate and detailed designs for several major projects. In addition to his CAD expertise, Wufeh is skilled in structural calculations and has a keen eye for identifying potential problems before they become issues.

This young engineer is crazy about working with a team of professionals to achieve a common goal and he stands out in the crowd. More so, he is always willing to share his expertise with colleagues and is known for his ability to communicate complex engineering concepts in a way that is easy to understand as he has a good mastery of his major.

In addition to his CAD, structural calculation, and fieldwork supervision skills, Wufeh is committed to staying up to the state of the art in his field due to his punctilious nature. He regularly attends conferences and training events to learn about new technologies and techniques that can be used to design and build up-to-date structures.

Conclusively, this dynamic man is a combination of technical expertise, and leadership skills, and his commitment to contemporary society makes him a valuable member of the BICES team. His contributions to the success of the company are greatly appreciated, and he is recognized as one of the top upcoming engineers of our time.


Administrative Assistant

Cyrielle is an administrative assistant and a marketer, holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communication. She has a very good experience in the field of administrative assistant.

Prior to joining BICES, Cyrielle worked as an administrative assistant for A.O.A SARL and was one of the pioneers of staff where she;

  • Ensured that executives can focus on important tasks by providing support to them by making and receiving calls, scheduling appointments, and responding to emails.
  • Develop and maintain a filing system. She is good at using scheduling tools like; calendar, and Google Calendar.
  • Submit and reconcile expense reports.
  • Assist with all budget activities, including accounting.
  • Purchase and maintain complete stock of office supplies and inventory, while also working with vendors

 She supports BICES managers and employees through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication.
Her expertise in time management and organizational skills has helped in the smooth functioning of BICES ENGINEERING.