About Us

Engineering the Future

We are a group of young, passionate and highly motivated Engineers

Best In Class Engineering Services (BICES) was born in August 2016 out of the need to create a high standing engineering company that could challenge or at least rival with the Multinationals operating within the Construction and Energy industries in the Cameroon and other African economy.

In recent years, Cameroon and Africa have experienced huge investments and thus boom in its tertiary sectors, especially in the energy, infrastructure, and telecommunication industries.

BICES was therefore created to take advantage of this economic boom that our country is experiencing by offering innovative engineering solutions, especially in the civil engineering sector where we control every detail.

The Leadership team of BICES is made up of Seasoned Project Managers, Business Professionals and Engineers with a burning passion to contribute in the sustainable development of their economy.

At BICE, we are keen to become the pioneer Engineering Company in Cameroon that will be recognised for its excellence in offering civil engineering and energy solutions in the industries we operate in.
Our Vision

Become the best African Civil Engineering construction Company of Choice in the Continent by 2027, by offering Cost Effective, Innovative and Practical Engineering Solutions to all our valued clients.

Our Mission

To build and maximise shareholder value in a respectable manner by offering Best In Class Engineering Solutions and services to the Construction, and Energy industries. We will achieve this by:

  • Directing a fair share of our profits to Research and Development,
  • Constantly seeking innovative ways of doing business so as to ensure superior customer experience and Operational excellence.
  • Stay ahead of competition on price and product quality
  • Contribute positively to our society by responsibly carrying out our activities and returning a fair share of our profits to the communities where we take part
  • By protecting the community and environment in all spheres we operate in.


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

Building structures that respect and provide for healthy living in a well-aerated environment, less polluting and more nature-loving spaces for community life.

Our Values

Awards & Achievements
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